About Us

BirthCertifcateTranslation.co.uk is an ATC (Association of Translation Companies) accredited translation company that provides Certified Translation Services all over the world. With an extensive network of over 15,000 translators across the globe we can offer our services in over 270 different languages.
Over the last 10 years our hard work and dedication to customer satisfaction has made us a market leader when it comes to document translation. Our rapid growth has been made possible by our unmistaken focus on delivering consistently accurate and reliable work at competitive rates. BirthCertifcateTranslation.co.uk was established 10 years ago with the aim to provide world class certified translations. We have now expanded our services to include many forms of document translation, transcription, and interpreting. Our ethos is the same for all of our services; high-quality, reliability and accuracy.
“We consistently work to ensure optimum working relationships with clients and translators.  We provide a 24 hour service, 365 days a year and are experts in meeting tight deadlines and our team is perfectly equipped to handle time sensitive projects.  We strive to achieve the highest standards of translation services through effective communication and as part of our ongoing commitment to quality; we also consider our environmental and social responsibilities.  Our office premises are green, we strive to do most Translation work via email to limit printing and paper wastage; and we also recycle all of our shredded documents.